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What is a Pavilion?

Pavilion, light temporary or semi-permanent structure used in gardens and pleasure grounds. Although there are many variations, the basic type is a large, light, airy garden room with a high-peaked roof resembling a canopy. It was originally erected, like the modern canvas marquee, for special occasions such as fetes, garden banquets, and balls, but it became more permanent, and by the late 17th century the word was used for any garden building designed for use on special occasions.

Although many ornamental garden pavilions survive in old gardens, including those throughout East Asia, the modern use of the term—especially in the West—is generally limited to buildings on sports grounds with accommodations for changing clothes and storing equipment and to often-temporary buildings for world’s fairs. Pavilion has also been used in reference to a tent, a summer residence, a dance hall, a bandstand, and an annex or structure connected to a larger building. It may also describe a projecting subdivision of a monumental building, notably the central or end bays of a Classical facade.

Custom Pavilion Options

Wellington Pavilions

Wellington Pavilions from Ridge Woodworking are custom built to you specifications.

Standard features include:
R-rib Metal Roof
Hemlock Timbers
8×8 Posts
Post Skirts
Metal Connector Plates

Additional Options include:
G-rib Metal
Shingle Roof
Heavy Frame Interior Trusses
Custom Color Stain

Esquire Pavilions

Esquire Pavilions from Ridge Woodworking are custom built to you specifications.

Standard features include:
5×5 Laminated Posts
3 ply 2×8 Structural Headers
10 Inch Roof Overhangs
Rafters 24? on Center
Architectural Shingles
Tongue and Groove Board Ceiling

Additional features include:
Arched Beam
Electrical Package
Privacy Enclosures

Wellington Pavilions from Ridge Woodworking are built with durability and precision. These hemlock timber frame pavilions are designed for you and your guests enjoyment. Whether you place it in your backyard or by your pool, it is the ideal spot to spend a leisure afternoon, or host a cookout for your family and friends. Available in various colors and sizes, these pavilions are sure to please. The rustic appeal of the Wellington pavilion will enhance the beauty of your backyard.

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Some Of Our Custom Pavilions

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Pavilion Styles

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